Johan Sebastian Berglund

Everyone is looking for happiness in his own way. I found happiness by drawing and painting and I feel like I was always doing this.

Fluctuating between expressionism, abstract expressionism and surrealism, Johan Sebastian Berglund (born 1994), is a young painter that stands up ignoring all existing rules and movements, taking the art of painting further as a way to unload emotions, apparently uncontrolled, but lived intensely and expressed directly, sometimes through the use of strong tones, and other times through the use of soft tones, expressive and strongly modulated stroke with strong values of black and white.

The ideas flow as if they were coming from another world from the future, and the portraits seem to express the inner world of each individual's emotions and feelings to the deepest layers, mastering the canvas through courage and seemingly overt simplicity.

Johan Sebastian Berglund is an norvegian original nonconformist artist, with revolutionary ideas defying apparently any rule, painting from the need to exteriorize his own self creating a new world following his own movement.

Concerned about existential philosophical ideas, he expresses his creativity not only through painting but also through writing.

2013 - 2016Bachelor's degree, fine arts, West University of Timisoara
2009 - 2013High School of Music and Fine Arts, Craiova
Artist, freelancer